We have a good population of seniors at each of our locations already.  They enjoy each others company and find working out together is fun.  Come with a friend, spouse, partner or come by yourself.  We are sure you will like the small gym environment.  Call for a tour and meet our friendly staff: 893-7427 


We offer Senior rates for our fitness center at $45.00/MO for a gym membership.  This membership includes an orientation and set up on a program to fit your needs and goals from one of our Athletic or Personal Trainers.  You get a free session once a month with our trainer to assess/change your fitness routine to make sure you are on the right path to meeting your goals.  Our Trainers are also available to answer quick questions each time you come in.  Physical Therapists are also on staff to answer any questions about aches & pains, balance issues or anything you may need in addition to achieving your fitness goals.  See our Fitness section on the web page for our rates.  There are often gym specials going on if you want to buy 3 months at a time or a yearly membership. 



 Our Essex and St. Albans locations we have a pool that is 92 degrees.  You may use this pool privately, by appointment, or with a small group of no more than 3 total to work out.  You will meet with a Trainer and given a pool routine to meet your goals/needs.  The pool is 4' deep so no need to be a swimmer.  The pool membership allows you to work out in the gym as well.